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Primary 1 is the youngest students at Open Door School. Primary 1 focuses on academic skills, socialization, communication and life skills. Students in Primary 1 follow a daily schedule. We work in small group, whole group and individually with each student. A curriculum used throughout the school year in Primary 1 is the Unique Learning System. Consultation with speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and adaptive physical education help to build a classroom that facilitates as much growth and enrichment as possible for our young learners.  A school-wide positive behavior curriculum is also implemented within the Primary 1 setting.  The Give me 5program uses five basic rules to follow all the way through the school-age program. The “Give me 5” program teaches students to: 1. Be respectful, 2. Be responsible, 3. Follow directions, 4. Be ready, and 5. Keep Hands and feet to self. Our Goal in Primary 1 is to focus on each child individually. mkirkendall@lawrencedd.org

Primary 2 is based on routines and consistency. The morning begins with breakfast, handwriting, morning work, gym class/speech, Language Arts, spelling, and journal writing. In the afternoon, other academics include calendar, Mathematics, and Reading. There are also other skills that students work on throughout the day including hand washing, brushing teeth, social skills, manners, behavior, attention to task, and independence. Sensory needs are also explored and focused on. The curriculums used are the following: Unique Learning System, Failure Free Reading, and Basic Picture Math. Unique Learning System is the only online, dynamic, standards-based curriculum specifically designed for students with special needs. All materials are created using SymbolStix graphics. The unit lesson plans define three levels of differentiated tasks to accommodate the diversity of learners with significant disabilities. Failure Free Reading is a positive approach to reading that incorporates word recognition, repetitive reading, and reading comprehension. It also has a computer program that coincides directly with each lesson.  Basic Picture Math helps beginning and struggling readers improve their basic math skills. The highly visual worksheets can be easily completed with little or no reading. Homework Hints: Study Alphabet with flashcards that have been provided and study numbers nightly with your child. This will be a big help in their progress. ayeomans@lawrencedd.org





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