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Lawrence County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Overview of Preschool Services

 Preschool services are provided to young children with disabilities and their typically-developing peers in seven classrooms located at the Lawrence County Early Childhood Center in South Point.  The preschool program is available to children ages 3 to compulsory school age.  Intervention services are provided to children with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) who reside in any of the seven school districts in Lawrence County.  Children with an IEP receive intervention and related services at no cost to the family.  Non-disabled “peer buddies” are charged a minimal one-time enrollment fee as well as monthly tuition.  Itinerant services are also available to children with an IEP in the home and in other community-based  early childhood settings.


            Preschool classrooms are designed to provide children with many opportunities to become actively involved in their learning.  Early Childhood Intervention Specialists design a curriculum that aligns to Ohio’s Pre-Kindergarten Standards in English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics.


            Early Childhood Intervention Specialists are licensed by the Ohio Department of Education and have specialized training in services to children with autism spectrum disorders.