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Lawrence County Board of Developmental Disabilities

ODS Vocational Classrooms

In the Vocational 1 classroom, the students learn about Independent Living. Each nine weeks the students will be learning different topics. The first nine weeks, the students will learn about Nutrition. This curriculum includes picking healthy eating choices, meal planning, shopping, reading cooking directions, reading recipes, meal preparation and cooking, setting tables, eating, clean-up, operating a stove/oven, operating a microwave, and operating a dishwasher. During the second nine weeks, the students will learn about Laundry and Budgeting and Cleaning. This curriculum includes separating clothes, loading the washer, machine settings, soap and bleach, loading the dryer, folding clothes, and putting clothes away for the Laundry lessons. For the Budgeting and Cleaning lessons, students will be learning about “What bills do I pay?” Reading bills, food budget plan, bill budget plan, entertainment budget plan, using a calculator, read sales receipts, balance accounts, and maintaining a clean apartment: how to clean.

The third nine weeks, the students will learn about Communication. These lessons will include PECS/Dynavox/any other communication devices that a student may have, how do I tell others what I want/need?, how do I tell what I don’t want?, talking/visiting others, basic ASL, interpreting what people say, concepts, non-violence (thoughts, words, deeds), making choices, criticism, consequences, building trust, teamwork, and body language. During the fourth nine weeks, the students will be learning about Independent Living Skills. These include renting an apartment, having an apartment - now what?, medications, research skills, sequencing/routine, using a phone book, talking on the phone, taking notes, using a cell phone, library skills, making and keeping appointments, setting priorities, and credit cards.

The students on the third floor will all be participating in this class. Typically students ages 13-21 are on the third floor, which is the high school floor. The students rotate classes for thirty minute intervals. They attend Health and Safety, Community, Independent Living, and Employment Skills:Transition classes. When students are in their homerooms, Language Arts, Math, Arts, Leizure, and Adaptive skills will all be covered. kashworth@lawrencedd.org