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Lawrence County Board of Developmental Disabilities


Intermediate 1 classrooms serves to bridge the transition from the lower grades to the middle school level.† In this classroom, students work on core curriculum, including Unique Learning System and Failure Free Reading. Emphasis is placed on students making growth on their individual goals, as well as in areas of, cooperation, collaboration, daily care and social development and skills.

Students complete computer testing in the Failure Free curriculum, which gives the teacher a score of the studentís reading performance, as well as a recommended level.† Students are then grouped based on their level and read leveled books and complete workbook pages that relate to what they read.† This provides writing practice, as well as demonstrates comprehension. Unique Learning System also provides leveled books for reading, as well as math activities that are structured to support all students and help maximize their abilities.

Spelling is another activity that is completed in this classroom, with students practicing a spelling list targeted to their ability level.† They practice the words and complete activities, culminating in a spelling test at the end of the unit. Students are often proud to show their accomplishments on their work.†


Intermediate 2 classrooms utilize a variety of curriculum tools to present our students with multi-faceted learning. We complete activities as a whole group, in small groups and in partner or one-on-one settings. Among our many tools, we use Unique Learning System, Spelling City and Failure Free Reading programs in our room. We also complete many activities using hands-on, real world applications. For example, we practice counting money from a register, making simulated purchases and using manipulative for addition and subtraction. Beyond the typical curricula, we also focus on daily living skills, including personal hygiene and safety skills.†

†††††††††††††††† Spelling City is an online program we use that allows students to practice their spelling words in fun and exciting ways. They get the opportunity to play trivia games, complete crossword puzzles and unscramble sentences using their words.† Failure Free Reading is another program used in our room that targets reading fluency through scripted and repetitive leveled books. Students also complete a workbook component that requires sentence writing and comprehension. We also use the Stevenson Language program to target specific skills that individual students need to work on with phonics and letter/sound recognition, which helps improve their reading fluency.

†††††††††††††††† We work to target student goals through daily classroom interactions by working individual student goals fluidly into our daily tasks. Students complete research on a variety of social studies and science topics. They complete hands-on activities and experiments and display their work for others to learn from.† Sometimes experiments and activities lead to field trips to culminate a unit and continue to explore it. We find that these strategies and tools keep our students attentive and engaged in the classroom environment. maldridge@lawrencedd.org



ODS Intermediate Classrooms